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Rattic Pest Control London near your location Local Pest Control Types We Handle The Following Pests: Ants and Ant Nest Treatment Bed Bug Treatment
Cockroach Pest Control Fox Control Fly Treatment Flea Control Moth Fumigation
Mouse and Mice Control Pigeon Control Rat Pest Control Squirrel Pest Control
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Local Pest Control & Property Care with UK wide expertise

Wherever you need help with Pest Control throughout the UK, Rattic Pest Control have local Pest Control technicians near you. 07400434999
If you are looking for Property Care Services, we also have specialist property surveyors and technicians all located in local Property Care branches near you.

Based on 86 reviews
Jagjeet Singh
Jagjeet Singh
Very kind person and dedicated He visited twice to make sure the bugs are completely vanish And didn’t charge for second visit I will recommend him in future to family and friends if they have any pest issues.
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins
The best service ever! I really thought to get rid off the mice will be a difficult job but it was smooth. Very friendly customer service and extremely fast service. Thank you very much!
Shayna Moellenberg
Shayna Moellenberg
This was the easiest, quickest and most effective service I’ve ever experienced. I was so nervous and apprehensive about our cockroach problems, and Rattic pest control really took care of it all. Was able to come in minutes of calling and did a very comprehensive and safe sweep of our entire residence. Also took the time to explain to me what was happening and what method was used. Couldn’t recommend enough!
Noshin Choudhury
Noshin Choudhury
We would definitely 100% recommend Rattic Pest Control and Mughees. We had a rodent issue in our loft and reached out to several pest control companies. Mughees responded quickly (actually gave us a call to understand the issue, amazing!) and provided an incredibly competitive quote. Mughees was able to come round that day and provided us a lot of assurance on the issue. A few days afterwards he called up to see how the issue was (it was resolved!) and also made a second visit to double check everything was clear. We don't usually leave long reviews like this, but cannot recommend Mughees' company any more.
Baldev Klair
Baldev Klair
If you are looking for local pest control services then look no further. Knowledgeable, polite, thorough and genuinely cares for his customers. I highly recommend to all my friends and family.
Bolingoli Lukaku
Bolingoli Lukaku
Excellent quality and value for money and very friendly. Very very happy with the service, definitely recommend
Tasmit Kaur
Tasmit Kaur
We had a wasp nest in our shed which I needed removed. I called Rattic pest control and to my delight they gave me an appointment on the same day and my quote was extremely competitive. Of course I said yes. They showed up promptly and examined the area after which they explained what they will be doing and next steps. After spraying the nest they waited a while to ensure the nest had been destroyed and removed the nest from the shed. He even found the hornet and ensured she was dead! I was given some after care advice and also received a follow up message the next day with safety reminders. We have a toddler so they wanted to make sure the area was safe! I’ve had no wasps since and after a good clean the shed is good as new. Would highly recommend Rattic pest control to sort out your pest issues promptly at a competitive price.
carly Munroe
carly Munroe
I feel so lucky to have found such a lovely & genuine company! Mughis Responded straight away & put himself out to fit me in as I was beside myself as I had been bitten all over by bed bugs! He was so kind & reassuring. Thank you so much for making such a terrible day better! Great attention to detail & after care advice given. I’m so very grateful! Highly recommend 🙏
Mohsin Karim
Mohsin Karim
Very efficient solution! I had ants everywhere and by the next day they were almost completely gone already. Mughiz was very informative of the process and showed genuine care to ensure all measures were taken to resolve my issues.
Gurdeep 9
Gurdeep 9
Mughis was very good. He responded very quickly and was over to look at the wasp problem within the hour. He was efficient and knew what to do. I found him very friendly and will definitely use him again if I need his services. Thankyou Mughis.

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Rodents are mammals of the order Rodentia, from the Latin rodere “to gnaw”. They are the most numerous group of mammals on the planet, making up about 41% of known species.

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